EatClean – Vanilla Extract (Ugandan) 50ml


Use in rich and savoury desserts/drinks or as a flavour enhancer to give other flavours a
‘kick’! When using in dishes that need to be heated to high temperatures use at the very last
step to avoid losing flavour.

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Quantities: 30ml
Description: Food grade, Pure Vanilla Extract – Ugandan
Made in Kenya from high quality Vanilla Beans ethically sourced from the Bourbon Island of
Madagascar in Sambava, Africa.
We extract by maceration method using organic solvents which is Eco-friendly (Low carbon
manufacturing). This method ensures that the Vanilla flavour matures and intensifies with time in
its purest form.
Ingredients: Whole Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Ethanol (Single fold)
Storage instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not
Dietary info: Contains alcohol, Gluten-Free, suitable for Vegans.


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