ECANDI – Coco Peat 2kg


A versatile growing medium sourced from coconut husk pith. Naturally anti-fungal, ideal for seed starting or adding to your potting mix. Environmentally friendly and reusable, it promotes slow-release moisture retention for optimal plant growth.

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a versatile growing medium derived from coconut husk pith. With natural anti-fungal properties, it serves as an ideal choice for seed starting and nurturing delicate seedlings. Environmentally friendly and reusable, Cocopeat facilitates slow-release moisture retention, ensuring sustained hydration for plant roots. Embrace Cocopeat for a multitude of uses including potting mixes, hydroponic systems, and soil conditioning.
How to Use:
Moisten Cocopeat: Place Cocopeat in a container and add water until it expands and becomes moist.
Seed Starting: Fill seed trays or pots with moistened Cocopeat and sow seeds as directed.
Transplanting: Mix Cocopeat with soil or use it as a potting mix when transplanting seedlings.
Hydroponic Systems: Use Cocopeat as a growing medium in hydroponic setups for optimal plant growth.
Soil Conditioning: Incorporate Cocopeat into garden soil to improve its structure and water retention.


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