ECANDI – Philodendron Atom (Philodendron selloum)


It’s pretty plain to see how the elephant ear plant got its name. Its great big leaves are the exact shape of, if not quite the size of, elephant’s ears. It’s found in the wild in Brazil, where it grows at the base of much larger trees. The large leaves help it make the most of all the available sunlight and also mean it can capture as much rain as possible.

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Botanical Name: Philodendron selloum
Common Name: Philodendron Atom
Family: Araceae
Plant Type: Subtropical perennial shrub, Indoor
Plant Care: When watering the plant, wait till the substrate is getting dry and then flood it with clean water. Make sure that excess water drains off the pot within two hours. You should grow the philodendron indoor plant in a shaded spot so that they are not exposed to the sun, especially in the afternoon. Make sure that this plant gets four to six hours of sunlight or at least eight hours of artificial light every day.
Toxicity: Toxic if ingested by pets/children.


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