25Sw4p Kenya


Jan 2021


Nairobi, Kenya.


Apparel & Clothing

25SW4P: Kenyans for sustainable fashion.
The name 25SW4P is a play on +254 ( the international Kenyan dial code ) and the word swap. It communicates to local swappers that its a space made for Kenyans by Kenyans
25SW4P is a sustainable hub that aims to introduce sustainability in the textile industry to the lives of Kenyans.

25SW4P hosts swap meets at the end of every month that not only help people release their clothes in an eco-friendly way but also to be a catalyst for ethical closets amongst Kenyans. They are known for being intentional & mindful and their swap meets are a fun, light-hearted and engage swappers on the need for sustainable fashion .

25SW4P recently launched The SW4P Shop, the first-ever Kenyan online swap shop. It gives Kenyans the opportunity to swap conveniently throughout the month on a subscription basis.

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and 25SW4P have partnered and will occasionally organise and host swap meets, workshops, events etc.