About Us

ECANDI - Good for you!

Sustainable everyday living should be easy – but unfortunately, it's not. With fake products, misleading info, greenwashing, etc., things can get a little confusing. That's where ECANDI comes in.

Welcome to Nairobi's premiere zero-waste eco-shop. We focus on offering affordable, sustainable alternatives to everyday products. We want to change the way you consume daily products and inspire you to make a more conscious choice.

We're here to help you take the small steps by inspiring you to shop greener and use greener to be greener. Are you ready to explore?

About Us

Your trusted eco-shop for sustainable brands together making a positive impact on people and planet.


Mission & Vision

At ECANDI, our vision is simple and clear. To make living a sustainable lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone, everyday.


We are very pleased with the awards we have won and our promise to you is that we will continue to deliver only products and service of the highest standard.

Meet the Team

ECANDI is led an driven  by people who are passionate about the impact of our actions on society and the environment.

Product Standards

When considering a new product, we look at it from several sustainability related angles and ensures is conforms to the following standards.

Brands & Partners

We collaborate with a wide range of local businesses and organizations to make sustainable everyday living a reality for you.

SDG Alignment

ECANDI was created with sustainability at its core but we think it’s important we have a way to record, monitor and continue to improve.