Africa Collect Textiles


Jan 2020


Nairobi, Kenya.


Recycled Fabric

Africa Collect Textiles (ACT) is a Social Impact Enterprise that collects used textiles and footwear for reuse and recycling in Africa.

ACT collects used items for reuse and recycling. This way, we relief the impact the fashion industry has on our planet, reduce pollution caused by dumping and burning, create jobs, save money for local businesses and generate funds for charity!

Materials like wool and acrylic are recycled into blankets. Jeans and other fabrics are cut into strips or pieces and processed into facemasks, shoes and carpets. Shoe soles can be chipped and pressed into mats for running tracks.

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and ACT have partnered and installed a collection at the eco shop for people to drop off unwanted clothes. ECANDI will also sell ACT's Products at the shop and occasionally, ECANDI and ACT will organise and host workshops, events etc.