June 2019


Nairobi, Kenya.


Eco-friendly Sustainable Products.

Andvironment is an eco-friendly start up dedicated to promoting a greener, zero-waste and plastic-free lifestyle, through our eco-friendly and sustainable products. The founders of Andvironment started the brand with the sole purpose of leaving a positive footprint on our environment. Humanity’s addiction to plastic is harming our planet and polluting our oceans, as well as damaging habitats and eco-systems.

Their mission is to make a meaningful and positive contribution to minimizing global plastic use and its toxic effects. They wanted to give people the opportunity to make a difference by giving them the choice of using products that are non-toxic, BPA-Free, 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable.

In an effort to find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, they have found the solution in a natural material provided by mother nature, BAMBOO!

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and Andvironment have partnered to make sustainable eco living a reality for you. ECANDI will be stocking and selling Andvironment products at the eco shop.

Products from Andvironment

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