Cinnabar Green




Laikipia, Kenya.


Natural Cosmetics

Cinnabar Green is a natural cosmetics company based in Laikipia, Kenya. After several years of growing organically certified medicinal herbs and producing essential oils for export they saw the need for a range of locally produced, environmentally responsible, body products. 12 years on their range has grown but the underlying desire to be responsible to our planet and kind to its people and animals remains at the heart of their business.


Cinnabar Greens goal has always been to supply a simple but exemplary range of products for the personal care market formulated from the best available home-grown and ethically sourced bio-ingredients. To this end they have developed a comprehensive portfolio of natural products from shampoo through to massage oils. All their ingredients as well as the final products are tested for quality in their on-site laboratory.


Cinnabar Green’s approach to sourcing inputs combines the wish to use the best naturally active ingredients available with a desire for practicality and simplicity. Each ingredient is individually assessed for its quality as well as its environmental and social impact. Their focus is on local market development in order to avoid the weighty carbon footprint associated with export. In 2021 they were rewarded for their efforts and awarded Carbon Neutral certification by One Carbon World.

Social Impact:

Their goal is to have a company where everyone enjoys coming to work. They aim to ameliorate unemployment levels in the local community and to set an example as to how to care for, preserve, and where possible restore, the environment. They provide vital funds and support to a local girl’s school whilst being involved with a wide range of environmental and social projects.

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and Cinnabar Green have partnered to make natural cosmetics more accessible for you. ECANDI will stock and have Cinnabar Green products available at the eco-shop as well as a refill station .