Grounded Africa




Kikuyu, Kenya.


Natural Cleaning

Welcome to the new clean. Grounded is a women-run local manufacturer of nontoxic cleaning products based in Kenya. They produce effective and safe cleaning solutions for homes and businesses.

Grounded Africa discloses 100% of the ingredients they use, and do not use any nasties. They source 95% of their raw materials locally in support of the Buy Kenya, Build Kenya movement.

Grounded loves providing cleaning solutions to protect humans and the environment while not compromising our standard of clean.

Pure. Cleaning. Power.

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and Grounded have partnered and installed a bulk refill station at the eco shop for you to continently refill on your natural cleaning products by either brining your own containers or using those provided instore. Read more more here.

ECANDI an Grounded are working towards having a recycling drop off point for all Grounded, Booch and 254 brewing packaging. See more here.

ECANDI and Grounded may from time to time organise and host workshops, events etc. on natural cleaning to help make sustainable everyday living a reality for you.