Jan 2020


Nairobi, Kenya.


Recycled Glass Decor

MokoMaya is a Nairobi-based craft store cantered on upcycling glassware into a variety of home décor pieces. The name ‘MokoMaya’ means ‘these hands’ in the Kikuyu language; an ode to the hands-on approach to everything produced.

Founded in the year 2020 MokoMaya has continuously worked with vendors and institutions, taking on their glass waste and turning it in to beautifully crafted home pieces. Founder Nyandia Kamawe instils her passion for visual art and creativity throughout each MokoMaya project, adding a personal touch to her décor creations.

MokoMaya works primarily on a sustainable model of creating consumer items. This discovery journey has led to partnerships with other local brands that work to spread awareness of the possibilities surrounding the circular economy. Through this, MokoMaya has been involved in promoting the local arts scene as well as a message of growth and empowerment for artists globally.

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and MokoMaya have partnered and installed a collection at the eco shop for people to drop off waste glass for recycling. ECANDI will also sell MokoMaya products at the shop and occasionally, ECANDI and MokoMaya may organise and host workshops, events etc.

Products from MokoMaya

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