Mamatoto – Absorber Quick


Absorbs all your baby’s messes with 6 layers of cotton.

Best for those with access to good sunlight for drying.
Fits baby from 4 kg – 15 kg (about 2 months to 3 years).
Snaps into our PUL Diaper Cover.
Features gussets and elastic around the legs to prevent leaks.
Layers are separated in the middle so they will dry faster.
Top piece – 3 thin layers of cotton for absorbing moisture quickly. Bottom piece – 3 thick layers of cotton for holding moisture.
100% East African cotton milled in Nairobi. Product made in Kenya.

*Prior to using soak in hot water with vinegar for 24 hours to set the colour. Wash with soap in hot water to pre-shrink the fabric.
For washing instructions visit How to Use.
How many Diaper Absorbers do you need? Please see MamaToto FAQs page.
MamaToto recommends purchasing 20 absorbers and if your baby is an infant (2-6 months) you may need 4-6 more absorbers. Note you will need less covers than the absorbers because you can use them multiple times until they are soiled.




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