Sun Valley Art Collective


Jul 2020


Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya.


Artwork from Recycled Materials

The Sun Valley project was started to empower and educate people in Kibera through art. It was set up by 15 young aspiring artists, to build towards a positive goal while schools were closed during COVID lockdown. Their artwork is inspired by the environment and they channel our inspiration through drawings, paintings, wood carvings and metalwork using reclaimed materials.

The name ‘Sun Valley’ was taken from a neighbouring estate in Langata, symbolising a starting point out of Kibera. The sun, representing something shining and positive. The valley, which travels down to the ground, where the artists pick materials from, and then travel up, symbolising growth, and the development of the reclaimed materials into art.

The collective is made up of 15 teenagers who share skills with one another. some of the skills are cartooning, drawing, graffiti, repurposed-metal work and carving. The artist also pass on their art skills by opening the collective to the public and teaching, children between the age of 5 and 12 from the local community.

The aspiring artists choose art because it allows everyone to have their own style, and express their individuality. Their vision for the project is to grow it and empower the needy through art.

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and Sun Valley Art Collective have partnered together and will be showcasing the artists work at eco shop gallery for viewing and sale. There will also be drop off point at the shop for waste materials for the artist to recycle and use. ECANDI and Sun Valley Art Collective will occasionally organise and host workshops, events etc. and collaborate to work on projects together.