ECANDI – Variegated Syngonium (Variegated Albo Syngonium Podophyllum)


This Variegated Syngonium has wonderfully white and green variegated leaves that open out into wide paddle-shaped leaves. It’s a really interesting houseplant that will grow as a hanging plant or a climber and want to spread out and grow in all directions.

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A rainforest regular, Syngoniums are a native of the Americas and it really brings a touch of the exotic!
Botanical Name: Variegated Albo Syngonium Podophyllum
Common Name: Variegated Arrowhead Vine
Family: Araceae
Plant Type: Indoor
Plant Care: These plants aren’t hard to look after, they will thrive in the shade which makes them ideal if you have no experience of looking after houseplants. It also means they aren’t hard to situate in your home, they will love any corner of any room really, in the sun or in the shade. Water when the top two inches of soil are dry, make sure you don’t overwater this plant.
Toxicity: Toxic to pets.


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