ECANDI – Fiddle Fig (Ficus lyrata)


Its huge, fiddle-shaped leaves (hence the name) and the fact it can grow over six-feet tall means it has maximum impact in any room.
It’s originally from the rainforests of West Africa. It frequently grows as an epiphyte, meaning it starts life in the branches of another tree. As it grows, it sends roots down to the ground, which wrap around the host and eventually strangle it. Quite fittingly dramatic for such a star plant.

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Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata
Common Name: Fiddle Fig Tree
Family: Moraceae
Plant type: Non-Flowering Plant, Evergreen tree; indoor
Plant care: He’s much thirstier when it’s hot. Check him once a week and water if the top two inches of his soil are dry. Those big leaves like a lot of indirect rays, so put him somewhere bright, e.g. away from the window in a sunny room. You’ll see the healthiest growth if you give his leaves a regular mist. He absorbs a lot of moisture through his leaves.
Toxicity: Toxic to babies and pets.
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