W.F – Cycad (Cycadophyta)


Cycad plants are hardy, evergreen gymnosperms (cone-bearing plants) that grow in sand or hard rock. Cycads are dioecious plants; there are separate male and female plants. The female plant produces seeds, and the male plant produces cones filled with pollen.

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Botanical Name: Cycadophyta
Common Name: Cycad
Family: Cycadaceae
Plant Type: Evergreen
Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans.

Plant Care: Indoor cycads should never dry out. Soil needs to be kept moist but not saturated. You will need to water your cycad more frequently during the hotter months as opposed to the colder months when the plant will need less water. Keep this plant away from any direct heat sources and place it in a location where there is bright natural light.

About Our Plants

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