ECANDI – Wax Plant (Hoya Carnosa – L)


This Hoya carnosa cultivar has variegated foliage that includes cream, yellow, and pink, in addition to bright green. The center variegation looks like watercolor paint strokes!

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Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa
Common Name: Wax plant
Family: Apocynaceae
Plant Type: Tropical indoor
Plant Care: Hoya needs a bright spot where it won’t receive direct sun. Less is more when it comes to watering; we like to wait until the leaves pucker slightly.
Toxicity: Pet/Baby Safe.

About Our Plants

At ECANDI, we specialise in unique quality indoor and outdoor plants for home and office spaces in Nairobi Kenya. We grow ourselves as well as source directly from the best local growers for the best quality, finest plants at the most affordable prices. We grow our plants with love and we quality check at every stage to ensure we sell only the best plants.

Our plants are unique and come in different varieties with different sizes, shapes and leaf structure each season. Your plant may differ slightly from the one in the picture. We treat our plants using organic, non-toxic solutions.

At ECANDI, sell our indoor and outdoor plants in a nursery grow pots; colour and size may vary and change subject to availability. We have a wide range of pots and planters and you can choose to add one of your choice.


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