ECANDI – Vermiculite 2kg


For flowers, fruits, plants & vegetables. Enhance soil structure and moisture retention with our vermiculite, a natural mineral used in gardening.

Long Description:
Discover the benefits of vermiculite, a natural mineral that significantly improves soil quality in gardening. Used to enhance soil structure, vermiculite creates an optimal environment for robust root growth. Its moisture retention properties reduce watering frequency, while promoting proper aeration to prevent waterlogging. Additionally, vermiculite effectively retains nutrients, ensuring plants receive essential elements for healthy growth.
Soil Structure: Improves soil texture and structure for better root growth.
Moisture Retention: Helps soil retain moisture, reducing watering frequency.
Aeration: Facilitates airflow to plant roots, preventing waterlogging.
Nutrient Retention: Holds onto nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth.
How to Use:
Incorporate vermiculite into soil mix to improve texture and structure.
Use vermiculite as a top dressing to aid in moisture retention.
Mix vermiculite with potting soil for potted plants to enhance aeration.
Monitor soil moisture levels and adjust watering accordingly.
Enjoy healthier plants with the benefits of vermiculite.


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