MamaToto Cloth Diapers


Mar 2021


Nairobi, Kenya.


Cloth Diapers

MamaToto is an early stage social enterprise that provides modern cloth diapers and laundering services with delivery across Nairobi, Kenya. They serve all income levels with the aim of improving sanitation and health outcomes, while saving the environment from disposable diaper waste.

MamaToto partners with Mama Africa Kenya, a non-profit organization that trains and employs women in Kangemi, one of the slums in Nairobi, to sew MamaToto’s diaper accessories.

MamaToto's Social Mission

  • Cloth diapers positively impact the environment by reducing waste (disposable diapers can last up to 500 years in landfills and can spread disease in waste collection process).
  • Cloth diapers are chemical free and gentler on baby’s skin (less rashes).
  • Cloth diapers can result in better sanitation by reducing the spread of disease in communities lacking proper waste disposal services.
  • MamaToto uses 100% East African cotton milled in Nairobi, Buy Kenya – Build Kenya
  • MamaToto is committed to developing a product that provides a diapering solution for parents across all income levels in Nairobi.
  • MamaToto will create jobs for the tailors sewing the diapers and accessories (Mama Africa Kenya), employees manufacturing the cotton, vendors selling the diapers, laundering staff, and drivers.
  • MamaToto will use profits to subsidize cloth diapers and laundry services for children’s homes.

MamaToto Videos

Partnership Overview

ECANDI and MamaToto have partnered together to make sustainable everyday living easier for mothers. ECANDI will be selling MamaToto's products at the eco shop and occasionally, ECANDI and MamaToto may organise and host workshops, events etc.