Global Recycling Day, celebrated annually on March 18th, is a recycling call to action that encourages us to not only look at our trash in a new light but also create awareness and strengthen our recycling culture.

Recycling is essential for people and the planet because it reduces the raw materials and energy we use, improves our quality of life, and combats climate change.

What is this year’s theme?

This year the theme is #RecyclingHeroes. It’s a chance to acknowledge people, businesses and communities that inspire or encourage you to recycle.

ECANDI will be having a special giveaway to celebrate your favourite #RecyclingHero

Please fill this form to make your nominations:

How to participate in the Global Recycling Day

  1. Recycle: Sort your trash and bring it over to our recycling drop off. 
  2. Create awareness on recycling: Teach and tell your family, friends and everyone else about recycling. 
  3. Buy upcycled products: Purpose to purchase products made from repurposed materials. 

Here are some upcycled  products you can buy: 

Our EcoDropOff point

Since setting up our recycling drop off point at Rosslyn Gates Center, Limuru rd. Nairobi, we have had great reception from the community. We have seen a steady increase in the number of drop offs over the last few months.

At our EcoDropOff point, you can drop off any household items that could be reused, including items that would normally end up in a landfill!

You can check out the full list of materials we accept here

Our Recycling Partners 

As Nairobi’s premier Eco-shop, we offer recycling as a complimentary service to make it easier and help you close the loop by recycling your waste – this has been made possible by our recycling partners. 

Trash collected by ECANDI is recycled by some of the following recycling companies who follow strict safety and environmental standards. Here are some of the recycling partners we work with. You can check out the amazing work they are doing.

Want to learn even more about recycling? 

Head to Global Recycling Day website  to explore a huge range of resources, activities and innovative solutions. 

Make sure you check out the inspiring stories of the world’s #RecyclingHeroes! 

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Happy recycling!


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